Our Products

Since 1999, Dr. Maggie products have been providing safe and effective relief for pets, addressing issues from skin and shedding to joint health. Our remedies are based on intensive scientific research and crafted with the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and consistency.

We tackle the rising rates of skin diseases, allergies, and joint problems in pets with proven nutritional solutions. Seeing pets regain their health and happiness, and enhancing the lives of their guardians, is why we do what we do.

What Pet Parents Are Saying
"We have a six year old and a one year old German Shepherd. The older boy was starting to get a little sluggish on our long walks and not chasing his ball for as long. Dr. Maggie was recommended by a family member who had used it on their much older dog. Within a week the older boy was keeping up and chasing his little brother around. The turnaround has been amazing!"
- Bill, Alberta, Canada
"I recently purchased some paw protector for my dog Lucy. I cannot tell you how much better her paws are in this cold weather. In the past, her paws would crack, but paw protector has been amazing. So far – no cracks! As a side bar, also thought I should mention that the cold weather also caused my lips to crack – so I tried the paw protector on my lips. OMG! I will never use anything else when my lips crack ever again, it not only soothed them, but has helped to heal the also."
- Jodi S, British Columbia Canada
"My dog has been paralyzed for two months now (senior boxer, degenerative myelopathy) & this was recommended to help with urine scald, since he no longer has control over his bladder & some trickles out every now & then.

First of all, amazing. within a week, he was all cleared up - i’d started to get worried, since despite wiping him often, his skin was getting raw. completely handled. His nose was a little dry, so i figured i’d try it there. two days - resolved.

He had a little bald patch on his hip from a small bed sore that was starting to form from when he first lost use of his hind legs - the hair is already growing back"
- Bree K, British Columbia, Canada
"My dog has suffered from itchy paws and skin for years (always chewing her paws and flaky skin on her coat). I've tried everything in the book, and the only solution the vet recommended was allergy shots which were very expensive and not a feasible option for me. I tried using Dr. Maggie's Skin and Coat and within a few weeks my dog was noticeably less flaky and not chewing her paws as much. It hasn't gone away completely, but it has made a hugeeeeee difference! This stuff works wonders and my dog loves the taste."
- Logan, Ontario, Canada

About Dr. Maggie

Dr. Maggie is a product line of Arrowleaf Naturals Inc., a developer and manufacturer of health care products for pets, located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. Our health care products for pets stem from intensive scientific research. Every ingredient is rigorously screened for safety, efficacy, and consistency before clinical trials.

In the past decade, there has been a notable increase in skin diseases, allergies, and chronic joint conditions in pets. Witnessing these challenges firsthand, we developed nutritional solutions proven highly effective in the prevention and treatment of these common conditions. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for pets and their guardians through safe and consistent remedies.