How to Stop a Dog from Jumping Up

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It may be cute when they are puppies but as they get older it can be a real pain! Especially if your dog is a giant! We will talk about some options to help your dog stop jumping up. All dogs are different and some learn faster than others. Don’t get discouraged if they aren’t getting it! Training takes time but it is a great bonding session for you and your best friend and can be practiced daily.


Why Do Dogs Jump Up?

Meeting face to face is a way for dogs to communicate with us and each other. For puppies, they generally lick a dog’s face or muzzle to say hello. They jump so they can get as close to our faces as possible to greet us. If it’s a large dog jumping up, be sure to close your mouth! It’s best to try and break this behaviour at a young age. If possible, try to have this behaviour gone by 6 to 9 months, you don’t want a Saint Bernard knocking you over when it weighs 100 lbs! Jumping can also poorly impact dogs who are prone to hip and joint problems. This is another good reason to stop jumping behaviour as soon as possible.


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Where to Start?


First things first: Only display affection when all paws are on the ground. Ignore jumping until the dog has their paws on the floor. It is better to have no reaction than a negative reaction. You don’t want your dog to be afraid of you! Puppies can be frustrating in the beginning but staying consistent and patient can give your puppers the tools they need to be a good boy/girl.

Find out what motivates your dog. Is it food, treats, toys or a good ol’ belly rub? Anytime they start jumping up to lick your face, ignore them until they have calmed down enough to stay down. Once they have done this, reward them with their favourite form of praise.



Since you know what motivates your doggo, it’s time to start training! Dogs get super excited when we come home from work or even just taking out the garbage. Here are several tips to stop your dog from jumping.

  1. When coming inside, cross your arms and turn away from them until the dog has calmed down and has four paws on the floor or if they have mastered sitting, tell them to sit. Once they have done so, now is the time for greeting.
  2. If they are toy motivated, leave a toy by the door when you come home. Once they start jumping simply throw the toy to distract them from the excitement. Once they come trotting back, they can be rewarded if they are calm.
  3. If the dog is still jumping, go back outside and leave the door open a crack. Firmly tell them to sit and open the door again. Continue this until they stay seated long enough for you to bend down and greet them.
  4. Once your dog has learned the basics, now it’s time to bring over some willing participants to ensure your doggo has got it. After a while, your dog will have learned to greet you and others politely.

chihuahua dog sitting in a living room with toys in the background


Helpful Tips for Dog Training:

If your pup is still not getting it, seek a dog trainer in your local area. They can provide private training classes to work with you and your pup. Remember, don’t get discouraged if your pup isn’t getting the hang of it.

Do not shout at your dog for jumping. Shouting sounds like barking to them and will make them more excited.

Refrain from kneeing them or stepping on their paws. This can cause puppers to become afraid of you and in return, they might bite you.

Exercise can help a lot with eliminating jumping. Having an outlet for their excitement and energy will make your dog easier to train.

Here is a video we found to be very helpful Tanya’s Tips- Jumping Up.

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Trina Links
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