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Paw Protector is a super popular product during the winter. Not only helping to moisturize and heal cracked pads, it also helps to protect your pet’s paws. In the cold and icy months we often worry about protection for our pup’s sensitive paws but what about in the summer? Your dog’s paws are protected by thicker skin that is more resilient to cuts and scrapes than our bare feet. But just like our skin, a dog’s paws will tend to dry out and crack if not properly moisturized and protected.

Dr Maggie Paw Protector

Protection against what?

  • Protection from allergens and toxins: Seasonal allergens like pollen, molds, and dust can all cause irritation to the pads of the paw, increasing the likelihood of excessive licking and hot spots. Dogs absorb toxins and chemicals through the skin of their pads, just like humans absorb toxins. A physical barrier can reduce the amount of toxins absorbed into the body.
  • Protection from physical damage: the balance of moisturizing, healing, and protecting ingredients in Paw Protector help to fortify our dogs’ paws against physical damage. Jojoba oil and shea butter prevent cracking, and petrolatum and beeswax form a physical barrier against the elements like snow, sand, ice, and rock.
  • Proactive protection for very active dogs: Very active dogs have more wear and tear on the thick skin of the paw. Daily application of Paw Protector helps to strengthen paws against damage from overuse.

Best protection?

Moisturize the pads of paws a couple times a week to ensure that the skin is hydrated. This helps to protect against cracking and bleeding. Before going outside apply a product that also acts as a barrier rather than being totally absorbed into the skin. Beeswax is great for the winter because it hardens in the cold. Petrolatum acts as a barrier by blocking water and oxygen from the skin. Petrolatum also helps to protect against moisture loss through the skin, stopping it from drying out. There is some concern with the safety of ingredients like petroleum jelly and petrolatum because they are refined from petroleum.  However, Health Canada considers petrolatum to be non-toxic because it is highly refined. The refining process is said to remove the cancer-causing chemicals leftover from crude oil processing. It is often used as an active ingredient in cosmetic products including lipsticks and baby lotions.

Dr. Maggie Paw Protector protects paws and skin by forming a physical barrier that keeps out water, oxygen, and chemicals while helping to heal and moisturize. With regular application, Paw Protector can reduce the likelihood of dry, cracking pads. Apply before walks and hikes for extra protection!

Lindsey Eadie, CNP
Lindsey Eadie, CNP
Lindsey is a Holistic Nutritionist who graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, BC on the Dean’s Honors list where she learned the true healing abilities of whole foods, herbs, and supplemental nutrients. After graduation she worked as a Natural Health Advisor for an integrative pharmacy where she used her nutrition and orthomolecular knowledge to promote the wellbeing of all her clients, including the furry four-legged ones. Her passion for natural health has directly benefited her allergy-riddled female Pyrenes/Bernese Mountain dog named Astro and her anxious Golden Retriever/Bernese Mountain Dog Bella.

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