9 Crafty & Creative DIY Projects for Your Pets

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DIY Magic Carpet Cat Hammock

This cozy magic carpet hammock fits right under your coffee table! The supplies you will need are an old towel, strong yarn, a crochet hook, a pair of scissors, a big comb, elastic bands, and of course a coffee table.

Get the plans and take your cat to chill town.

Cat Hammock

Posh Puppy Potty Bell

This decorative bell on a wood plaque is great for potty training puppies. It’s also great for full-grown dogs to let you know when they need to go outside. This tutorial also includes instructions on how to teach your dog to use the bell.

Potty train your puppy in style.

potty bell for puppies

DIY Cat Tent

This cat tent is right up my ally when it comes to DIY’s – simple. All you need is some wire hangers, a t-shirt, some cardboard, tape, and safety pins.

Make this tent for the animal that is least likely to want to go camping.

diy cat tent

Self Scratcher for Your Cat

Two brushes, a couple hinges, some screws, and double sided tape. That’s all you need to make this little self-scratcher that your cats are sure to love. Watch the video below for more detailed instructions.

Ikea Litter Box Hack

Turn this Ikea chest into a decorative litter box cover in an hour for around $60! Let’s be real, litter boxes are a bit of an eyesore. Especially if you live in a small space where you don’t have a good spot to hide a litter box away. Hang a scarf out of the chest for an added touch.

Get the scoop on this Ikea litter box hack.

diy litter box

Cat Tree With Real Branches!

This DIY cat tree with real branches is like a beautiful piece of home decor! In this tutorial the writer says that the cat tree she wanted was $800. To make this beauty, she only spent $75.12. Add some faux vines and decorative rocks for a nice, finished look.

Branch out with this DIY cat tree.

diy cat tree with real branches

DIY Cat Teepee

These little DIY teepees would be great for your cat or small dog. The writer of this tutorial even made a smaller one for guinea pigs! After trying out quite a few different teepees, she has a few tips. Some of these tips include “Fabric that’s a little thicker, but not canvas, is good. Canvas is too thick and doesn’t wrap around the teepee nicely” and “5-stick teepees are much more stable than 4-stick teepees”.

Get your teepee on with these instructions.

diy teepee for cats

Doggie Bow Tie

Make sure your pup is ready for a night on the town or that fancy dinner party your friend said he was welcome to come to. This is the perfect DIY project if you’re like me and can’t sew to save your life. All you need is fabric and fabric scissors, thick velvet ribbon, and velcro squares (with sticky backs).

Make this stylish little number for your dog.

diy bow tie for dogs

PetPeek Window Fence

Your dog wants to know what’s going on in the world outside of your fence – can you blame her? Install this PetPeek Fence Window in your fence to satisfy your dog’s curiosity (and give the passersby a good laugh). This DIY requires an Amazon purchase but it includes all of the necessary hardware for easy installation.

Read more about the PetPeek Window Fence.

petpeek window for pets

dog peeking through fence window


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Trina Links
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